Nida Farida Won Putri Hijab Metro and Hijab Hunt 2018

UM Metro – The student of English Education Study Program, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Muhammadiyah University of Metro won Putri Hijab Metro and Hijab Hunt 2018 which was held by PT Tunas Dwipa Matra, Main Dealer of Honda Motorcycle Lampung, Sunday (14/1/17).

The competition which was under theme Unity in Diversity searched the best girl to be Lampung Hijab Hunt 2018. The girl chosen will be quarantined and given pageant education. Then they will get the holiday in the Jakarta to Bandung freely.

To Public Relation Media Centre Team, Nida Farida reported that the participants who followed that competition in Metro City were about 30 people.

I think quite a lot of people which follow this competition. The participants are about 30 people,” said Nida.

She also said that her business to foster English Corner in UM Metro drove her to not have much time to prepare the competition.

I actually don’t prepare more for this competition because as one of English Corner Mentor, it’s very busy for me to prepare their drama. I just follow it by saying Bismillah. If I win, I’ll regard it as a bonus. I just have a day to prepare in following this competition,” she said to Public Relation Media Centre Team on Sunday night.

The student of English Education Study Program who was in semester five met up with many talented girls during the competition that made her feeling impressive.

Such a thing that impressed to me, they (participants) show different wonderful talents that not many people have it. Even though they show their best, Alhamdulillah I am chosen as the best one. Maybe it’s caused of my Hijab which is sponsored by GnE Boutique owned by Madam Eva Faliyanti,” explained Nida.

Because of the winning, Nida received parcel, certificate, crown, trophy, sling and the training of Metro branch to follow next competition. (AL-Bayurie|Hum)